Sohail Arjmand is a global photographer and 
videographer with many years of experience.

"My background in the analog photography world instilled in me sensibilities to make my work as real and convincing as possible.
I'm careful when combining disparate elements to do so seamlessly, naturally, and credibly. After all these years, work continues
to fascinate. Each project is an education in something new... "


       Interview with Friday magazine    


Photography is my passion. I enjoy creating images, and love working with people. Everyone is unique, and I always try to capture a little more than just a facade.

In a lovely winter day of 1977 when I was only 12 I went to a friend who gave me my first photography lesson , he also gave me 4 role of 120 B&W negative for my Lubitle camera which was my father's before!

That Norooz (Iranian new year) was a colorful one , I can remember by those lessons I got the whole negatives correctly exposed and printed and it was a good start for my photography which I continued it by studying and shooting together for next years.

1986 I joined to Iranian Young Cinema Society and shoot a movie for Shahriar Tavakoli (one of my friends) and I got the best photography award for that ... it was also a good beginning for my film making activities although I had studied civil engineering!

1988 I got three awards for my own film " Bandar Abbas &..." (best photography , best music , best mixing).

1993 I got the best photography award for shooting the movie " Jahleh " in Iran (this movie got some awards from international festivals).

I was in Tehran for more than 12 years working with IRIB (Iranian TV) universities and some advertising companies as well. I've moved to Dubai since 2003 working with different companies, TV and magazines as a freelance photographer, TV director and director of photography. My clients are increasing day by day and I've got an award from Dubai Police for making a documentary about Summer Surprises Festival.

I have been working in Dubai Media City as a creative director for film and advertising for 8 years.I have set my goals to always improve my craft.Whether you are producing a documentary, broadcast commercial, corporate video, industrial video, training or music video, I can do everything you need to create a spectacular visual presentation.

I'm back to Tehran-Iran again and working with some universities also producing film and photos...

Making of the movie: "Bandar Abbas..." 1988

Making of the movie: "Jahleh" 1988

Photography Classes 2012

 Giving a Photography prize as a jury member 2013

     Film watching and critics in Aban Film School 2016

Video editing with Kamran Shirdel (Director)