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سهیل ارجمند
Sohail Arjmand

About Sohail Arjmand

Sohail Arjamand is a photographer, filmmaker and university lecturer. At the age of twelve, after receiving his first photography lesson from a friend, he picked up a camera and started taking pictures. An analog medium-format camera that once belonged to his father. For years, he tried to learn more about photography and filmmaking. In 1365, he joined the Iranian Youth Cinema Association and started making short films. He receives awards along the way, including the crystal leaf for the best cinematography from the 10th national festival of young cinema… Finally, photography and filmmaking become his main job. He goes to university, studies and teaches in the field of photography and succeeds in obtaining a master’s degree in photography from Tehran University of Art. He is present in several photo festivals as a participant or as a festival judge. His book “Basic Photography” has been published by Sako Publications and “Storytelling for Photojournalists” by Pilleh Publications, and he has other books under translation that will be published soon. His years of presence in Dubai Media City as Creative Director for Film and Advertising, cooperation with mass media and international advertising companies add to his work experience with global standards. Now in Tehran, he is working with advertising and film production companies, i universities and educational institutions, he also teaches related courses privately.

+98 939 88 30 880                  


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